Regulated professions EU/Regulierte Berufe EU

There is terminology of professions and occupations regulated in the EU at this address. The terms are also translated (between French, German and English). The list appears to be new. Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland are also included, but not all the EU states’ terms are there, in particular those of the new states.

Of course, regulated professions is a narrow category. I looked at Rechtsanwalt. I would have thought it was not translated, since a Rechtsanwalt is a Rechtsanwalt. But no, it is translated into French as avocat and into English as lawyer/barrister. Why do solicitors not get a look in? Surely everyone knows solicitors’ exams are harder than barristers’? (I’d better close the comments). And then there are advocates. And Notare in Germany. Well, it is apparently the duty of the country involved to report the professions. Perhaps that hasn’t been done yet in the UK.

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One thought on “Regulated professions EU/Regulierte Berufe EU

  1. I’ll assume your comment about Solicitors’ exams being harder than Barristers’ is tongue-in-cheek! That the BVC – Bar Vocational Course – pass rates are higher could signify that a free-market policy is in operation e.g. let the market sort out the chaff from the wheat.

    After all, I wonder from where the UK Solicitors’ Legal Practice Course pinched multiple-choice questions, advocacy and interviewing exercises after adding civil and criminal procedure (litigation) plus civil and criminal evidence that were never on the Law Society’s syllabus until 1982.

    You shouldn’t bother trying to educate even the EU insitutions about the difference between different types of lawyer (generic term). I’ve seen moronic refs. to qualifying as a lawyer OR a solicitor OR a notary OR becoming a career judge.

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