Tasteless but fun EFL site

I don’t know how I overlooked the englishdroid.com site wittily described by Geoffrey Pullum at language log.

bq. PEQ Preparation/Execution Quotient: the time spent planning an activity divided by the time spent doing it in class. For example, the hour you spend searching the Internet for a ten-minute filler would have a quotient of 6. A fifty-minute role play that took you five minutes to dream up would be 0.1. (Any activity that has a PEQ greater than 0.5 should definitely be avoided.) There’s a present perfect activity in this book. – What’s the PEQ?

bq. pig’s bladder and bells
Equipment the teacher takes into class to amuse the students, like board games, dice, realia and pictures.

3 thoughts on “Tasteless but fun EFL site

  1. I’ve always believed in doing as little preparation as possible. Those are undoubtedly the best lessons, anyway – they’re the most enjoyable for all concerned, and they’re the lessons when the students seem to learn the most. A well-prepared lesson (in terms of time spent on preparation) makes for a stressed and inflexible teacher, in my experience. And how I’ve enjoyed smugly laughing at such teachers over the years! :-) (Am I a bad person?!!)

  2. Well, David, I am sure you would have laughed at me. All that preparation I did on the German and English legal systems. However, teaching was not really for me. As to whether you are a bad person, perhaps time will tell!

  3. Ah – legal systems: that’s a different matter. If there’s some meat to it, then yes, preparation is needed. But if it’s simply to practise skills, improve grammar or develop vocab, then less preparation is necessary. I’m writing this from the perspective of someone who’s been doing that stuff for years, anyway.

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