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Sur Mesure is a French legal weblog by Helene Cohen (via iNews: Lex in the City), which reports:

bq. The aim is to give an insight for French and English insurers and other commercial entities into topical issues of English and French law (depending on which side of La Manche they are on) that might affect them.
Most of the articles are in French, though Helene tells me that she will be doing a short precis of each piece in English soon, as well.

The blog describes itself as ‘News and comment on the intersection of English and French law’.

2 thoughts on “French legal blog / Blog juridique français

  1. Further to five years legal translation classes in the Law School of Paris X and different professional experiences in lawfirms I am now looking for French-English, English-French legal translations. Do you know any companies (based in France) looking for a legal translator??

  2. I don’t, I am afraid but I would recommend that you contact the “traducteurs-jurés”. They are used all the time by lawyers. You can find a list of traducteurs-jurés by searching the “pages jaunes” of the site
    Paris would be a good start: it’s the largest bar in France and a number of foreign lawfirm have set up an office there.
    Best wishes!

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