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Translation in the Trenches – ‘a blow-by-blow [account?] of a dog-eat-dog world’ is a translator’s weblog I’m unfamiliar with. I have my suspicions as to who Trench Warrior might be, but perhaps I’m wrong. Anyway, he mentions a number of translation problems that are familiar to me, so I may take one up in a separate entry.

This rings true:

bq. An entire German ad campaign was slung onto my virtual doorstep today. The catch: the one-hour turnaround.

bq. I’ve never pulled my hair or gnashed my teeth like an Edgar Allen Poe character, but I came damn close today. The copywriter had crafted a miniature masterpiece: tight copy that felt loose. The ads allegedly sported quotes from real people, but someone had obviously sweated over those lines for hours until they were just so.

bq. The bastard. I knew, I just knew he was only being that good to piss me off.

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