Swedish translation?

Why is Google placing on my opening page an ad for Swedish translation that is really for a dating agency? I realize ‘Swedish’ means many things to many people, but ‘translation’?

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  1. True story from my Swedish subsid. days as a Uni. undergraduate – answering a ‘Swedish lessons’ postcard ad in a newsagents’ window outside Paddington Station in London, the madame on the phone directed me up a back staircase to a penthouse where a ‘real Swedish girl’ would be waiting for me. Grateful for her special tuition offer, I declined to gasps of incredulity that I really was a Swedish language student.

  2. Your web page became a target for this deceptive targeted Google advertising because of the link to “How to learn Swedish in 1000 difficult lessons” under Other Weblogs, combined with the apparent lament in the previous post headline about your “Annoying American Date…” and maybe the word annoying there was misinterpreted to mean you wanted a really annoying advert that matched your keywords.

  3. I will have to investigate why Desbladet started learning Swedish now…Abnu: sorry, I didn’t express myself correctly. I can understand why it’s there, but I just wonder what the site has to do with Swedish translation. Or rather, I just put it that way for effect – obviously the wrong effect!

  4. Heh. I have been extensively ribbed on this very subject, of course, but the truth is that I went to Norway and loved it, and was embarrassed that everyone knew English. So I looked for Norwegish lessons when I got back, and all I could find was Swedish, which I thought was close enough for rock and also close enough for roll.

  5. True, Des, when it comes to pronunciation, esp. the Oslo side of Norway and leaving aside New Norwegian, for the moment. But Norwegian is closer to Danish in syntax, semantics and spelling.

    Rolig in Swe means fun. Rolig in Nor means quiet. A Swedish girl, again, took a taxi from Oslo airport and asked for a drive to the ‘roligaste’ (most fun) place. The taxi driver took her to the nearest cemetery.

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