9 thoughts on “German frozen food

  1. Was there something I missed here Margaret…? Just looks like, as you say, German frozen food.


  2. Sorry to disappoint you, Paul. This was really intended for people outside Germany (if any are reading). I admit the KK picture is not very interesting, but the lower one was new to me. Are you familiar with frozen Knödel? I also find the green face interesting.

    What would you prefer to see a picture of?

  3. Yes, I think I’ve had KKs a few times Margaret. Perhaps the green tinge is the effect the “Kloss mit Soss” has on one’s face after “knacking the Kloß and schlürfing the Soss”? Remind me not to try those. I buy my few frozen purchases from my cheery “Eismann” … prefer fresh food of course…it’s inevitably cheaper and healthier I guess. But the frozen stuff is always a good reserve when I forget that a public holiday is coming up….the number of days I’ve gone to the shops and realised it’s a public holiday…..the freelancer’s fate……


  4. But the thing is, they aren’t so much KK *with* caper sauce – it’s the caper sauce that makes them KK. I added them as a typically German thing. I think the selection of frozen food used to be very restricted here, though.

  5. Well …actually it’s to stop the things smelling to high heaven or even worse…. the blocks of frozen larvae have to be defrosted in water beforehand. I get the feeling that a lot of the fish do like swallowing whole frozen chunks though. It’s probably greed rather than to cool down.


  6. I suppose the only positive thing to say about the photographs is that at least they’re obviously taken on the shelf at the supermarket and you didn’t actually buy them……..

  7. I think they’re quite good photos!

    Congratulations on your anonymous re-emergence. Is what you had what Prinz Ernst-August has got?

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