German dentists in England/Deutsche Zahnärzte eingeflogen

Fünf deutsche Zahnärzte arbeiten ab jetzt in Blackburn. Exilzahnärzte sind aber nichts neues, berichtet Zahnärztliche Mitteilungen, wo man auch Details zu Einkommen und Kosten findet:

bq. Insgesamt sind auf der britischen Insel derzeit 31 000 Zahnärzte registriert. Zwei Drittel von ihnen arbeiten im NHS. Rund sieben Prozent der britischen Zahnärzte kommen aus der EU, weitere acht Prozent aus Nicht-EU-Ländern.

BBC News reports (thanks, Jana!) that five German dentists have been hired by a practice in Blackburn, Lancashire, to counter the serious lack of dentists.

bq. A team of German dentists has flown into the UK to treat patients at a practice in Lancashire.

Flying is the usual way nowadays, isn’t it?

Apparently English is not the first language of Germans:

bq. “English is a second language in Germany – but it might take a while for them to get used to the Lancashire accent.”

bq. One of the German dentists is Muslim, and dental nurses at the practice can speak Urdu, Gujarati and Arabic.

Do Muslims have to have Muslim dentists? Is this something to do with halal meat? I’m very ignorant about these things.

bq. Peter Lewenz, commissioning manager for Blackburn with Darwen Primary Care Trust, said the dentists have all undergone checks – including a language test.

I’d be interested to know who administered the language test and what it was like.

6 thoughts on “German dentists in England/Deutsche Zahnärzte eingeflogen

  1. The thing about the BBC website is that it is very good, except for the UK-regional coverage. I don’t the BBC Lancashire job is the most sought-after the corporation offers, somehow.

    Unlike Yorkshire of course.

  2. How funny – someone told me about that yesterday, but I couldn’t trace it. I am now trying to imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger asking someone, ‘Are you feeling manky?’ or indeed any Austrian pronouncing the word ‘lughole’.

  3. German. Dentists. England. Let me think. Sir Laurence Olivier as former SS dentist, Dr. Christian Szell, in Marathon Man by director John Schlesinger CBE. Yeah, that’s the picture that comes to my mind.

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