Book on footballspeak/Fußballsprache englisch

John Leigh and David Woodhouse, Football Lexicon, ISBN 057122797X
(note that at there is a hardback version slightly cheaper than a paperback).

On foreign players:

bq. Can they perform “week in week out”? Will they deliver on a “Wednesday night in Rochdale” or a “Tuesday night in Grimsby”? (“the location is usually northern, the date invariably midweek”).
Commentators also enjoy greeting “a particularly robust tackle which leaves a debutant (usually a fancy foreign player)…with the cheerfully ironic words: ‘Welcome to the Premiership Juan Sebastian”.

On feet:

bq. Left feet can be educated, cultured or trusty. “Right feet are never favoured in the same way. Are the owners of such left feet more thoughtful or are the feet themselves somehow endowed with these attributes?”

(Via The Language Legend, via kalebeul).

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