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Transblawg too is on the blog list at YouReadMe, and so are some German weblogs:

bq. We’re lazy. There are just too many blogs out there. No mortal can read them all. And let’s face it, only a handful of the millions of blog posts each day are really worth reading.
So we created YouReadMe and let the computer do the reading for us. It reads tens of thousands of blogs multiple times throughout the day and finds the really important posts: the ones linked to the most by other bloggers. Now we can read the “hot” posts, see what people are saying about them, and have a much more complete view of what’s going on in the blogosphere.
YouReadMe is the first public project released by XB Labs, but you shouldn’t click on that link because there’s nothing there (yet). We will be adding a range of new and exciting features in the weeks to come, so keep checking back. And we welcome any thoughts you may have on how to make the site more useful. Send any comments, suggestions, or criticisms to

(Via netbib.weblog)

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