Pentecost interpreting gadget / Pfingstgeschehen und maschinelle Übersetzung

Ron Coe’s Universal Pentecost Translator (via Isabella).

bq. Ron Coe Church Supplies proudly presents the Universal Pentecost Translator. This amazing device automatically translates sermons and homilies into the preferred language of the person in the pew. If there are responses the listener will hear the responses by those around them also in their desired language!

Article by Jeff Miller, a former atheist and current Roman Catholic. I wonder whether he believes Acts 2:1-4?

bq. Disclaimer: The Universal Pentecost Translator can not render unintelligible or poorly written homilies into intelligible and intelligent ones, but will simply translate the meaning into the desired language. Likewise heterodox teaching will not be translated into orthodox language. If you experience these difficulties please do not call us without first replacing the priest/minister unit.

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