East London


This is the Free Trade Wharf development (more photos), once the centre of an unsalubrious part of London where Pepys used to cross the river, sailors greeted their return to the Pool of London, some set sail for long voyages and some even, perish the thought, emigrated to the north of England, and later they even started using Macs.


The Apple theme is subtly repeated here.

7 thoughts on “East London

  1. Hee hee! :-) Thank you, Margaret – what a fun surprise! I’ll be sure to show my mum, too, as she’ll also find the pictures and the links very interesting.

    Did you see any TEFL Smilers (a few generations removed) hanging around and causing any havoc? ;-)

  2. David, I popped up to Limehouse after I saw your entry – the train from Upminster to Fenchurch Street stops there – and have a pile of photos for you, not that there’s much to see. When I get back to Germany I’ll send them.

  3. Oh, thank you, Margaret! I’ve been quite curious about the area – what sort of lives these relatives led before leaving, and how the name of the area has sort of disappeared. Had you heard of it as an area before, or only in a few street names?

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