Low in fat/Tief im Fett

I thought this website might have removed its translations by now:

bq. These cheesecakes give you the best of both worlds. They are super simple to make, with our step-by-step instructions you can create your own cheesecake for a fraction of the cost of buying one! Every cheesecake has been handcrafted by Merv J, cheesecake chef extraordinaire.

bq. Diese Käsekuchen geben Ihnen das beste beider Welten. Sie sind Supereinfaches, mit unseren schrittweiseen Anweisungen zu bilden, die Sie Ihren eigenen Käsekuchen für einen Bruch der Kosten des Kaufens ein herstellen können! Jeder Käsekuchen gewesen handcrafted durch Merv J, Käsekuchenchefextraordinaire.

(Other languages available too, in the same quality)

bq. Ajoutez lentement la crème, les oeufs, le lait, le sucre et la vanille aigres au fromage fondu et au battement bien.
Versez dans la croûte et faites cuire 25 minutes au four à 350 degrés ou jusqu’ à la société au milieu.

But the site owner has even chosen to publish Chris Durban’s Onionskin article on his site (the Onionskin is a regular column in the ITI Bulletin):

bq. The translations were done strictly with Machine Translation, so they are not as exact as professional translation. You may find them to be somewhat humorous. We are in the process of professionally translating them, but that may be a few more months…

Chris mentioned on www.flefo.org (the home of the remaining members of the Compuserve FLEFO forum – all are invited to join this project of reviving the forum) that it’s been four years now and no human translations are in sight.

2 thoughts on “Low in fat/Tief im Fett

  1. Sasha: not exactly. Let’s see – there was an American translator living in Japan who closed his blog, Translator’s Note. http://www.biocom-jp.com/ee/
    Here is a blog of an EN>JP translator in Thailand (just found it through Google):
    Adam Rice has a blog too, Random Neural Misfirings. http://crossroads.net/a/index.php
    None of these say much about translation, but maybe you could ask them if they know any other blogs. I think Adam Rice would be the one to ask.

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