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Kafkas Tagebücher als Blog (deutsch)
Kafka’s diaries as a blog (English)

Thanks to language hat

They get texts from The Kafka Project:

bq. The Project was started in 1998 with the purpose of publishing online all Kafka texts in German, according to the manuscripts. The project is constantly under construction. This multilingual page is also intended to give scholars and Kafka fans a virtual forum to share opinions, essays and translations. Every detail of Kafka’s world will find its place in this site, which aims to become the central hub for all Kafka-interested users.

The site is run by Mauro Nervi, who writes:

bq. You will not find a complete translation of Kafka’s work on this site, nor anywhere on the net. There is a simple reason for that. Just like original texts, translations are protected by copyright and cannot be distributed on the net without the translator’s permission. Therefore you will find here only translations in public domain, or which the translator has granted his permission for.
On the left navigation bar you find the languages of the available translations. Follow the thread and enjoy an expanding corpus of accurate Kafka translations from the original text.
By the way, you can submit translations in any language for publishing on this site. Send them with the translator’s agreement to publication. Translations into English are particularly welcome!

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  1. Nicht sehr oft, und als ich reinschaute, war nichts als Blogroll da. Ich sehe jetzt, da wurde vielleicht gerade ein neuer Eintrag erstellt, denn jetzt ist die Site voll!

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