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Mike Semple Piggott has a fortnightly Legal Practitioner Newswire. He has now added a weblog, called Charon QC, which apparently will be updated more frequently. I have no idea what the weblog has to do with boat trips to the Underworld, but perhaps this will be revealed in due time.

Semple Piggott Rochez always have wonderful materials online, tasters for their materials for online law courses. Another page of theirs is Law in a Box. Law in the Box CDs each contain a textbook and lectures, and there is a trial version online. They are also giving away the Jurisprudence CD online, because, they say, so few students study jurisprudence (Rechtswissenschaft) nowadays.

There’s also Consilio, an online magazine for law students.

Charon’s weblog, insofar as I can isolate it from the newswire, has a tendency to the trivial, but there are some useful nuggets in there.

bq. A tap left running as a piece of art at a south London gallery has infuriated Thames Water, which is considering legal action to switch it off.
Artist Mark McGowan said he intends to leave it running for a year at the House Gallery in Camberwell as a comment on how much water we all waste.

(Via Delia Venables)

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