Pharmablawg: englischer Blawg in Deutschland

Infolaw reported (nearly six weeks ago) on Richard Best’s Pharmablawg:

bq. PharmaBlawg is the work-in-progress blog of Richard Best, a dual qualified lawyer (England & Wales, New Zealand) who is also a Registered Foreign Lawyer in Frankfurt, Germany.

(He translates Impressum as regulatory information).

Best has also written a number of articles, one of which, A Comparison of Civil Liability for Defective Products in the United Kingdom and Germany, appeared in the German Law Journal. He also links to two corporate blogs.

2 thoughts on “Pharmablawg: englischer Blawg in Deutschland

  1. Many thanks for the mention Margaret. I’ve subscribed to your blog for quite a while and have learned a great deal from it, including on the issue of the almight Germany impressum (is regulatory information a poor translation?). Many thanks.

    Mit freudlichen Grüßen


  2. Richard: Fancy that. No, that was not supposed to be a criticism of ‘regulatory information’ – it’s a good idea. If only the British sites had a consistent naming policy!

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