Chartered linguists

Céline reports that the Institute of Linguists got its charter.

bq. The Institute intends formally to commence operating as the Chartered Institute of Linguists from 1st September 2005, falling in line with the start of its financial year. The petition also empowers the new Chartered Institute to confer the status of “Chartered Linguist” upon suitably qualified linguists across the profession. In this regard consultation with professional colleagues in other relevant membership bodies will continue, with a view to offering the distinguished designation in the near future.

The IoL does represent not only translators and interpreters, but also language teachers. I’m suspicious of qualifications for translation and attempts to regulate the profession. I wonder what a chartered linguist is?

bq. Mr. Henry Pavlovich, Chief Executive of the Institute of Linguists, said: “This is a major step forward for the public and people working with or through languages. The award of a Royal Charter is a mark of approbation for the profession. We hope that linguists everywhere will wish to consider individual chartered status in their own right whether or not they become members of the Chartered Institute of Linguists.”

So it could be open to members of the ITI too, perhaps only people living in the UK.

3 thoughts on “Chartered linguists

  1. Chartered means you wear a three-piece and vote Tory, so, instead of upgrading the bit of paper they sent me, I’m waiting for the announcement of another, cheaper membership category: slaughtered linguists, who would vote if they didn’t spend so much time in the pub.

  2. I don’t know – the words of ‘London’ keep going through my mind.
    Members of the IoL (which nowadays reminds me of LOL)will be members of the Chartered IoL, even if they aren’t chartered Ls…
    I wonder if this kind of thing is not giving more succour to the royal family than it receives from them?

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