No room to swing a cat / Kapselhotel in London


The Guardian reports that a Japanese-style capsule hotel has opened in London. It’s the easyHotel. The figure of £5 per night has been bandied about but is not correct:

bq. The rooms start from £20 a night and are booked on the easyHotel website in a similar way to budget airlines; rates vary with demand and how early or late a booking is made.

Some rooms even have a window.

3 thoughts on “No room to swing a cat / Kapselhotel in London

  1. For “three (3)” values of “some”.

    The comparison with hostel dorms is unfair: we, for one, do not do dorms under any circumstances. But we wonder at the logic of including “bathrooms” – as a notorious skinflint, we often book the cheapestest of Yoorp’s pensions‘s single rooms, and we are quite content to share ablutionary facilities.

    We got away with 30 EUR in Genoa and 25 in Barcelona, and about 20 in a private room in a hostel in Berlin. (We always stay with our mother in Londontown itself, of course.)

  2. In combination with a Tenebrae, of course. We are a patient Emperor, and exceptionally Holy. (We are not as Roman as we could be, so we compensate in this way or manner.)

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