Law firm gets 24-hour drinks licence / Kanzlei oder Kneipe?

Clifford Chance has succeeded in getting a 24-hour alcohol licence for its Canary Wharf Building, according to the Independent Online.

bq. A Clifford Chance spokes-woman said the firm had applied for the licence so it could serve drinks to clients at any time of day. “Often our lawyers will be working through the night on transactions with clients and will need refreshment,” she said. “And then there will be celebrations when a deal is concluded in the small hours.”

I’m a bit ignorant on the law – I would have assumed it was OK to keep a few cases of champagne on hand – but I suppose they’re selling it.

One thought on “Law firm gets 24-hour drinks licence / Kanzlei oder Kneipe?

  1. Selling must include adding to the clients’ bill.

    In my Clifford-Turner & Co. day, that is pre-merger with Coward Chance, the time sheets included time spent discussing cases at the local Bar, California 47 in Madrid, and a pub on Gresham Street in the City of London.

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