Police spontoons

I was checking up on the appearance of electronic anklets and came across this nice Chinese site.

bq. China national Jiangsu Province Jingjiang City Anhua Police Equipment Factory is specializing in producing police equipment. It’s main products of more than 30 varieties include handcuffs,fetters, plastic PE spontoons,spontoons, extension spontoons, electric spontoons, electric torches, traffic batons, rainproof, reflector coats, body armor,bayonet-proof coats, crash helmets,police belts, stop sign,police rope, portable road-blocks, peltate plates, test device for alcoholicity, tear-gas device, net-ejection device, hand metal locator, police rope and police whistle.

The test for alcoholicity seems worth preserving. Spontoons made it into Wikipedia too.

bq. A Spontoon is type or European lance that came into being after the pike-man craze, coming into play in the middle of the 17th century. Also called the European half pike, this very much resembled a pike that had a much shorter staff; usually no more than 7 feet long. The spontoon is remembered for being more of a signaling weapon than a polearm of war.

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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I just pulled out my old copy and I thought it looked really boring – why did I recommend this to Isabella – but I have read it twice in the past with great enjoyment.

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