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Michael Eichelhäher gesucht

Yahoo! Suche Translator BETA:

bq. Yahoo! Suche Translator findet die relevantesten Seiten zu Ihrem Suchbegriff in mehreren Sprachen und gibt die Suchergebnisse in deutscher Sprache aus.

This must have appeared in July and I missed it:

bq. Yahoo plans to launch on Thursday a service that translates German search queries into English and French and returns results from around the globe in German.

bq. Currently, less than 10 percent of all Web pages are in German, so when German speakers search the Internet for information they are missing out on the huge amount of content that may be useful to them but is in a different language, said Eckart Walther, vice president of product management at Yahoo Search.

Anyway, machine translation will give the gist of many sites, and if not, it’s a convenient way to get some light relief.

I looked up Enten (ducks). Curiously, Enten was obviously translated into English, but not always translated back – Ducks Unlimited was announced as Duckt unbegrenztes, and Ducks of the World as Duckt sich von der Welt, but it was always possible to click on the original English text.

A search for Bratwurst produced a Wisconsin site as the first hit:

bq. Bratwurst, Nahrung Seele Wisconsins
Einschließlich Rezepte für Bratwurst und klassische Seiten
“nichts geht besser als Bier, Gören und Babys und Michael Eichelhäher am Wochenende TTN”

bq. Bratwurst, Wisconsin’s Soul Food
Including Recipes for Bratwurst and Classic Sides
“Nothing goes better than beer, brats and babes and Michael Jay on the Weekend TTN”

(From Peter Müller)

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