bq. The Noon range is also exported to Europe where it is supplied in multi-lingual packaging offering a ‘ready-to-go’ solution to the ever-increasing demand for quality, ethnic prepared meals and snacks.

bq. All products within the Noon range are free from any artificial additives, colours or preservatives and are made with halal meat

Chicken tikka masala with pilau rice. I wouldn’t have marked it with two hot peppers, but my, was it delicious.

It had to be said.

8 thoughts on “Noon

  1. So where did you get it, Margaret?

    Our local Asian supermarket here Mainz sells various ranges of Indian (i.e. from India) vegetable and dal dishes in pouches – excellent quality and really great for lunch together with the roti paratha they also sell (frozen).

  2. You’re lucky, then. But maybe I haven’t looked far enough. Perhaps there is somewhere in Nuremberg, but not in Fürth, for Indian stuff. I got it at a supermarket called MiniMal (capitalization not guaranteed) on the way to Stein. It’s been around for a long time but it’s ages since I passed a branch. Most of the better supermarkets seem to close down their branches near where I live. This one had a large number of this kind of thing, including prepacked meals by Alfons Schuhbeck – in fact, I thought that was what I was picking up. The translations were good too! Might be worth finding stockists. This was chilled but said to keep in the fridge till 25 August (bought on 12).

  3. There’s a MiniMal in the next village along, I’ll check that out.

    Our Asian supermarket is also where we get fresh coriander, lemongrass, etc., plus of course all the Thai/Chinese food we need – they have a wide range of frozen food from Southeast Asia. Plus, normal English tea, McVitie’s digestives (and sometimes Hobnobs too!), a wide range of Patak’s, and SR flour (very difficult to get in Germany!)

  4. And before I forget: Aldi had garlic and coriander naan on offer a few weeks back. Maybe things are looking up after all….

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