Fürth Webcam

The Fürth Sparkasse is a blot on the landscape with its multi-storey building sticking out like a sore thumb. On top of this it has now placed a webcam. If that link doesn’t work, you go to the Sparkasse site, click on the tab ‘Ihre Sparkasse’, and at the bottom of the left list is the webcam.

I must say Fürth looks a lot better at ground level (it has over 2000 listed buildings), although one advantage of this view is that it does not show the Sparkasse itself. The whole centre of the picture is an area of inner courtyards and back buildings, all very interesting if you manage to get into it. The Schwabacher Straße – pedestrian zone – runs from the bottom left (square flat-roofed building at the bottom left is Woolworths) and I am somewhere down there.

In the mid-distance is a green area – Stadpark and flood plain – and the trees mark the River Pegnitz coming from Nuremberg (the Rednitz and Regnitz cannot be seen). Towers: left St. Martin, then the Rathaus, then right Unsere Liebe Frau. A largish low dome in the mid-right is the theatre.

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