Post aus Hannover
Gizmodo bekommt zwei Schreiben von einem deutschen Anwalt.

bq. Dr Schunke, no hard feelings, we know that lawyers love gadgets too and that Sony Ericsson knows how to build relationships with the online community.

Fuzzy Logic in Korea
David fragt sich, wie er seine Wäsche waschen soll.


Schlecht gekleidet in München / Badly dressed in Munich
Chris Bertram von Crooked Timber fand die Münchner schlecht gekleidet. Eine schwer nachzuvollziehende Auseinandersetzung in den Comments (auf Englisch).

bq. All of which brings me on to a less flattering observation on Germany and the Germans, namely, that the Germans may well be the worst dressed of the major industrial nations. Admittedly, the competition is stiff from us British and from the Americans, but I think the Germans may win on grounds of sheer uniformity.

(Via Eamonn Fitzgerald’s Rainy Day)

2 thoughts on “Vermischtes

  1. I seem to have it sussed now. I’ll know for sure a bit later today, once I’ve got some detergent.

    It’s great, isn’t it? A blog, a digital camera, and the kindness of strangers… and a challenge such as a Korean washing machine can be overcome!

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