Miscellaneous notes on weblogs

Technorati has a Blog Finder (via muepe.de). Here you can search for blogs by keyword. I tried translation.

Patrick Hall’s infundibulum is building up to something with languages and the web. I haven’t pursued its blogroll, except to have a quick look at a (not only) Langue d’Oc blog by Jo (whether a native speaker or not I don’t know).

Not all the blogs you find through Blog Finder are useful for all translators.

My links to German law blogs are absolutely out of date. But they are very well served by Rainer Langenhan’s regularly updated OPML feed and JuraBlogs (JuraBlogs blog list).

Meanwhile, numerous translation blogs have simply stopped, or in one case stopped being a translator’s blog: Eric Volk has stopped being a freelance translator and become an employee in electronics.

EU Law Web Log is ‘A blog on European Union law for practitioners, students, academics and everyone else who may be curious about it.’

A German Eu law blog Euro Law

There’s also a ComparativeLawBlog by Jacco Bomhoff in the Netherlands.

Law and Justice, by Edwin Jacobs, also from the Netherlands:

bq. Law and justice in the broad sense. In Dutch and/or English. Focus on Flanders, Wallonia, Belgium, the European Union, member states. – personal opinion and news related to law and justice, also related politics – legal columns – texts about legal subject

Translationfound has a photograph of a sign for the Austrian place name we English find so funny.

shiokadelicious! was a great site but it has gone private as far as I can tell. Renee published a book, jointly with other food bloggers, and I suppose if I want to see the recipes and photos again I will have to buy the book, since her postings largely dried up after the publication. I won’t give the link because you will only get a request to sign in.

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