The naming of peaches / Pfirsiche


I’m very fond of these flat peaches that taste just like other white peaches.
Apparently in the USA they are called Saturn or Jupiter or doughnut (donut) peaches. What are they called in Germany?

The Washington State Fruit Commission says:

bq. Saturn™/flat peaches are a variety of white peach that were originally developed in Asia. Low in acid and high in soluble solids, this tender peach is perfect for consumers who appreciate a sweet finish to their tree fruit. Likewise, this peach gets its name because it is much flatter in height than traditional peaches, very similar to a donut…but much healthier!

There is absolutely no need to knock doughnuts. And how come Saturn is trademarked?

3 thoughts on “The naming of peaches / Pfirsiche

  1. I’m asking myself where I last had them. Here, I think. I bought them at a Turkish shop in Fürth this time – but surely they would have them at the Naschmarkt? Maybe they have a short season. Some of these were a bit too far gone. But now it comes back to me – Weinbergpfirsiche. Well, that was what they called them, but it looks from Google as if the roter Weinbergpfirsich is something else.

  2. On reflection, I photographed these on September 19, immediately before I bought some and ate them. I suspect their season really is short. You might just have a chance if you scour Vienna for them now. Last year’s were not so red, just the same shape.

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