Dressing down/Kleidung für den Misserfolg

I knew Karstadt-Quelle had been having some difficulties. But that’s no reason to advertise it so blatantly.


(From the catalogue ‘Madeleine feeling’ [sic], Herbst/Winter 2005/06)

7 thoughts on “Dressing down/Kleidung für den Misserfolg

  1. Chris: all in favour of Proust, but as a regular reader of Desbladet, Madeleine in this context has only one meaning for me, and that is a Scandiwegian one.

    Ingmar: true enough, but remember that investigation last year showing how much English used in German ads was misunderstood. Douglas used “Come in and find out” (pronounced with glottal stops throughout), and the audience thought it meant “come into our shop and then find the exit again”.

  2. Well, Paul, in the largest IKEA in Germany, which is of course here in Fürth, they have made it easier to skip sections – it’s the new way. You can skip upstairs or downstairs – the stairs to the restaurant are at the entrance, so you can just go to the restaurant if you want – and there are arrows several times in the furniture halls indicating how to avoid a section.

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