The mysteries of blogging

From Reuters (via, Semantic Compositions and kalebeul):

bq. A survey of British taxi drivers, pub landlords and hairdressers — often seen as barometers of popular trends — found that nearly 90 percent had no idea what a podcast is and more than 70 percent had never heard of blogging.
“When I asked the panel whether people were talking about blogging, they thought I meant dogging,” said Sarah Carter, the planning director at ad firm DDB London.
Dogging is the phenomenon of watching couples have sex in semi-secluded places such as out-of-town car parks. News of such events are often spread on Web sites or by using mobile phone text messages.

What do they call it if you watch dogs?

5 thoughts on “The mysteries of blogging

  1. Is dogging watching? I thought it was actually taking part – the straight people’s version of cruising: meeting strangers with the aim only to have sex with them, there and then, and in the case of dogging, typically in carparks.

  2. David: I don’t know. The article suggests watching. German Wikipedia has two definitions. One is jogging with the dog, and the other says it is a form of exhibitionism and comes from the term for voyeurs out with their dogs. It does sound as if some form of exhibitionism was part of it.A BBC article says: ‘Dogging is an extension of “swinging” parties – and involves exhibitionist sex in semi-secluded locations such as car parks or country parks.’ (I was surprised when I entered ‘define:dogging’ in Google, for the whole Web, to get three German entries. I thought it would only define in English).

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