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Following Ingmar’s example, here are some site statistics for this site, probably for September 2005, as far as I can judge the referrer’s log.

The top ten key phrases that led people to this site
drogerie müller
alpha bravo charlie
dear sir or madam
dear sir
collocation dictionary
german-english translation
google translation
german civil code
fish sunday thinking
online übersetzer

Other key phrases that struck me
twix german
twix notpron
rhubarb crumble
lollipop & alpenrock
definition of nerd
prince philip quotes
seven dirty words
eneryda agunnaryd
german cannibal armin meiwes at work
parts of a ukelele

Not many surprises there.

Visitors came from all over the place, but that’s the thing about the Internet.
What I don’t understand is why the largest number of external links are from pages I don’t want to name here, some of them in Texas – I presume this is because trackback spam has an effect for a few hours until I delete it.

I don’t think I can emulate Ingmar’s note:

bq. 12 Leser online (Der bisherige Rekord waren 239 gleichzeitge Leser am 18.4.2005 um 11:14 Uhr.)

But then I’ve never got married and announced it in my blog.

Oh, and here are the internal searches people have been making today, with or without success:

einklagen, OGH, haltbar, urteil, BGH, ZR, klagend, wirtschaftsprüfer, stattgegeben

6 thoughts on “Site statistics

  1. Now, I had to read that on your page to spot a typo (gleichzeitig). Anyway, this puzzles me, it really does. The number of readers is pulled automatically from the database, so it might change in the future (though I don’t think so :-), but I have no idea how or why that many people happened to be looking at the page at the same time.

    It certainly’s got nothing to do with my wedding (which was 9 days earlier, anyway), and as this graphic shows, there was little traffic before or after. A mystery to me.

    Great search phrases, by the way, even if you were not surprised, as you say.

  2. Are you sure people weren’t back at work on a Monday after some holiday and one of them emailed another around Vienna about your wedding?
    You probably know that I may have been the only source on the Web for the answer to an Internet quiz about Raider being renamed as Twix in Germany.

  3. You announced it on your blog on April 14th, which was a Thursday, possibly after people had left work. That doesn’t quite explain it. Was the Friday a holiday in Austria?

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