Fürth Kirchweih

1. I don’t like to be critical all the time, but this seems wrong:


2. How does this read to someone who knows no German?

bq. Die The Michaelis Kirchweih grew historically and was ordered by the town councillor not to be for the Amusement of the People, like most of the various people celebrations were. The “Mother” of Kirchweih was the secondary oldest Church, named after the contentious Archangel. This somewhat plain, rather place of worship reminding of a Village Church was probably built in the Year 1100.

I suspect MT original, worked over by humans. Here’s the original:

bq. Die Michaelis-Kirchweih ist historisch gewachsen und nicht, wie etwa die verschiedenen Volksfeste, von Stadtoberen zur Volksbelustigung verordnet worden. Die Mutter der Kirchweih ist die zweitälteste Kirche von Fürth, St. Michael, benannt nach dem streitbaren Erzengel. Vermutlich wurde dieses etwas schmucklose, eher an eine Dorfkirche erinnernde Gotteshaus im Jahr 1100 erbaut.

2 thoughts on “Fürth Kirchweih

  1. 1 – Thanks for giving me the first laugh of the day.
    2 – Not allowed to answer but… Gracious! A half-way competent Abiturient should have been able to do better. (Though I like the “contentious Archangel”.)

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