Land law / Grundstücksrecht

translationfound has a useful list of American real estate terms with links to their entries in Wikipedia. Wikipedia has excellent resources, and it presents links to other law entries in the margin.

Of course there are differences from English law. But I can’t agree with the recent statement:

bq. Allodial is a real estate term (etymological source: royal estate – no inherent link to the word real) meaning land which cannot be granted by way of the feudal system – with obligations of any kind to a feudal overlord.


bq. Considering this – it is not surprising at all that legal terminologies linked to real estate business – in as much as they express an underlying philosophy –
differ between U.S. and British English.

The terminology is surprisingly similar. OK, we don’t have allodial rights (but see earlier entry on udal law) and we don’t have the Torrens system. And in 1925 English land law was reformed to leave only two legal rights and the rest equitable – which I think was never done in the USA. But I would say, yes, the terminology differs, but it’s surprising how little!

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