Full-bottomed wigs / Allongeperücken

Further to the last entry, Ede & Ravenscroft, who supply court dress, have an FAQ:

bq. Q: What is the difference between the judge’s bench wig and the judge’s full-bottomed wig?
A: Judges wear the bench wig when they are sitting in court. It is a short wig that is frizzed all over and has two tails at the back. The full-bottomed wig is only worn on ceremonial occasions with full ceremonial dress. It is not worn in court by judges when they are hearing a case.

(What is a red bag? was news to me)

Wonderful illustrations in this 78-page PDF booklet called Legal Habits.

I learnt from the FAQ that the pouch at the back of a barrister’s gown is not, after all, for fees, but used to hold a hood.

Here’s a shallower link, with more photos.

And here’s a German equivalent.

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