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UPDATE 2018: This post is out of date. All links have been removed. Andrew’s weblog German Joys has changed its site.

Andrew Hammel is an American lawyer who teaches legal English at Düsseldorf University. His weblog, German Joys, has been online since December 2004, but when I first saw it it appeared inactive. It seems to have awakened to life since then.

Sascha Kremer reminded me of its existence in his entry ‘Der Lehrstuhl blawgt’. Andrew’s entry on Leitkultur (and followup), or more properly the comments on Claudia Roth’s article in the FAZ linked there, raised my blood pressure usefully.

Btw, there is a Harvard blog written by an American who taught at the Technische Universität München and blogs solely, it appears, in order to blast that seat of learning. Quite bizarre.

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