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I have just phoned Kelly in London, since they ignore my emails and I don’t want to get a ‘personal login’. Now they may understand that I don’t sell curtains or tables. The woman promised me that my address will be removed – it was added as a freebie for me. I can’t help thinking it’s just to increase web traffic for them, but one of my visitors was referred by that site and may have been looking for ‘Curtain accessories / Tables / Tables, Coffee / Tables, Dining’. My business name was ‘Margaret Marks legal and other translations and legal translation weblog’. The woman seemed most convinced by my statement, ‘If the worst comes to the worst, I will just have to live with it and simply refuse to sell anyone any tables’. The removal of my address will ‘go live in the next ten to fourteen days’.

Kellysearch listete mich vor ein paar Jahren als Verkäuferin von Vorhangzubehör und Tischen. Zwei E-Mails haben nicht geholfen, aber vielleicht ein Telefonat heute.

5 thoughts on “Internet directories/Internet-Firmendatenbanken

  1. What’s the price of these tables Margaret? How does the price compare with eBay….? :-)
    Sounds highly annoying to me.
    I’ll forward any questions about mitre joints and the like to you from now on….


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