Internet libel in comments/Beleidigung im Internet (Weblog-Kommentare)

There should be a question after that. Steve at language hat has had a letter from a firm of solicitors – one must conclude that they are in the UK, and he is in the USA. He has been asked to remove a comment, publish an apology and full retraction, and pay damages. What advice would one give if advice could be given online? He would give further details in email.

Steve bei language hat hat einen Brief von Anwälten im Vereinigten Königreich bekommen. Er soll aus seinem Blog ein Kommentar entfernen, soll eine Entschuldigung in einer mit den Anwälten abgestimmten Wortlaut veröffentlichen und Schadensersatz bezahlen. Details gibt er per E-Mail.

One thought on “Internet libel in comments/Beleidigung im Internet (Weblog-Kommentare)

  1. No legal advice, but here’s the thing about libel in common law systems: truth is an absolute defence. Also, without knowing what the “offending” post was all about, if the information at issue was published to inform or warn the public and/or an interested third party, you are fully justified under the law to publish such information.

    Also, demanding damages without a proper hearing, arbitration, mediation, etc. borders on blackmail.

    Besides, once an apology and retraction have been published in exactly the same way as the “offending” piece in a timely manner, there are no grounds for damages (at least under Canadian law).

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