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I thought the TLS was above typos:

bq. It would be possible to have a system of criminal law which merely prescribed all “anti-social conduct”, of whatever label we felt it appropriate to identify behaviour meriting state punishment, and left it to the courts to decide both what counted as “anti-social conduct” and what if any punishment should be imposed. In such a system there would be only one crime.

(On Louis Blom-Cooper and Terence Morris, With Malice Aforethought. TLS November 18 2005)

Still, a subscription often tempts me, with the possibility of having access to the whole online archive… but when would one have time to read it?)

One thought on “Times Literary Supplement

  1. Hi Margaret

    I don’t think that anyone or any institution in the UK these days is above typos or even just plain dodgy English. Even the BBC seems to employ people who use verbs that do not match the subject etc. “Mr. and Mrs. Blair’s attitude *do* not seem to reflect….” or “The alcohol problem of the two footballers *do* not seem to be improving” … I despair sometimes … but I seem to be almost alone in even recognising such mistakes. Friends in the UK consider me “barmy” for even mentioning such errors … most of them couldn’t care about getting it right …
    Maybe we are a dying breed.


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