Civil partnerships / Lebenspartnerschaften

The Civil Partnerships Act came into force in the UK on December 5 – after a period of notice, the first ceremonies will take place in England and Wales on December 21, and in Scotland on December 20. (The Guardian). This is not a marriage, but it contains most of the rights associated with marriage. Another Guardian article:

bq. Gay couples who register as civil partners will take on the obligation to support each other financially, even after the relationship ends. To split, they will have to go through a “divorce” process, with the courts dividing up the assets regardless of ownership if they fail to reach a settlement. They will be exempt from inheritance tax when the first partner dies, and will have the same pension rights as married couples.

3 thoughts on “Civil partnerships / Lebenspartnerschaften

  1. Also, Herr Langenhan, das sind keine neue Nachrichten, aber der Artikel liefert den Wortschatz für Übersetzungen. Ich brauche das wirklich nicht bei Ihnen zu lesen, um es zu wissen! Glauben Sie, ich habe keine Ahnung, was in England vor sich geht? Aber mit dem Wort “Homo-Ehe” aus Ihrem Eintrag ist man für die Übersetzung nicht 100% ausgestattet…

  2. By the way, the first partnership has already been celebrated / contracted / concluded by special permit: one of the parnterns, who had been together for well over a dozen years, was terminally ill and indeed died the day after.

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