One grants himself otherwise naught / Man gönnt sich ja sonst nichts

Familien-Landhotel Moerisch, Towersuite/Chimneysuite:

bq. Elegant suite with Italian style furniture in the 3rd cane, large living room, equipped with minus bar, desk, telephone, internet connection, safe, Sat-TV, south balcony. Bathroom with Whirlbowl and large panorama window, divided shower, WC, make-up mirror and hair blower. The bedroom is in the terminated upwards and controls Sat-TV.
Furthermore in that upwards: infrared sauna, shower and extra WC… One grants himself otherwise naught….

bq. My grandfather Sigismund Eduard opened an inn with a Gemischtwarenhandel with its woman Elisabeth in the between wartime and he managed the agriculture. My father Sigismund Albert in the year 1955 harbored the first guests – at that time yet as a bachelor with its mother. Instead of large bathroom, there were Waschschuesseln and water pitcher at the room.

But Power Walking should not have become Power Whale King, should it? Or Golfpauschale Gulf Lump Sum. Or die verschiedensten Wanderwege as the most deceased.

14 thoughts on “One grants himself otherwise naught / Man gönnt sich ja sonst nichts

  1. Oops, should have waited before hitting “post” — I thought you were joking about “golf lump sum” but you weren’t. As they say on their homepage, “Nearly almost everything is possible.”

  2. oh… my… god. i’d laugh but it’s just too sad. They must have done most of it by machine translation. I don’t see how an English native speaker with no notion of German could ever understand… that said, “old men fairies” is supposed to mean “green fee”, i just don’t see how “green” became “old men”!

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