New words in Denver
On December 29, the Denver Post reported on new words entering the common lexicon (thanks to Karen – I’ll send you your Christmas card next year). At the top of the printed edition was prairie-dogging: when the heads of office workers pop up over dubicle walls in response to a loud voice or noise. I wasn’t too impressed with blogosphere, podcast or vlogs, and chattering classes is presumable new only in the USA. But there’s a longer list there.

Air Berlin


Free trip to Portugal
The translation company Lingo24 (of Aberdeen, Romania and points east) has a competition for a company slogan – the prize for those in the UK is a trip to Portugal and accommodation for three nights. The slogan has to be snappy and translated into another language. Deadline is February 14.

Busted without help


Lidl, Romford, December 2005.

7 thoughts on “Miscellaneous

  1. “prairie-dogging” could be misinterpreted with dire consequences in the UK Margaret. But I expect you know that….


  2. I must have missed your entry on “dogging” Margaret. I didn’t actually spend a great deal of time around Bristol this year (apart from the Christmas period). I was mostly in Morpeth “oop north” …. and not much sign of prairies there, let alone “dogging”.


  3. What exactly is a “self busted turkey” Margaret? Or has my brain become so addled over the Christmas period that I can no longer see the obvious?


  4. Paul: I was just going to have some fun with that comment of yours. Isabel L. on Flefo dictates, but I suppose she wouldn’t have a harem.
    Apropos the self busted, I can only imagine it means ‘self-basting’ – you know, the ones that spoon fat over themselves every fifteen minutes.

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