German judge’s blog (apparently fake)/Amtsrichterblawg

Jurabilis announces the Amtsrichterblog. (Link removed)

There’s only one entry as yet, in German of course, but it looks promising.

An English (lay) magistrate blogs at The Law West of Ealing Broadway; his latest entry relates to language:

Roger was helping the police with their enquiries (now whatever happened to that phrase? It seems to have gone the way of blunt instruments) and when officers asked him to open the boot of his car they found a considerable quantity of the very stolen goods that they were looking for. The conversation was recorded as:-

Roger: “Oh. Fuck me. Look at that”. PC: “Is that your property?” Roger: “Course it ain’t. You know what it is. Just my fucking luck, ain’t it?” PC: Did you steal them?” Roger: “Nah. I’m only the driver. Talk about unlucky. D’you know, if I fell in a barrel of tits I’d come out sucking me thumb”.

LATER NOTE: Apparently I was fooled by this. Indeed, to judge from the comments on some other blogs, I was a complete raving idiot (fortunately I seem to have escaped the firing line so far). The German judge’s blog was shortlived and seems to have been created to generate traffic for another site.

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