Second-hand English bookshop in Munich


Opening on February 1st: The Munich Readery is a second-hand bookshop for English books in Munich. This sounds like a godsend. I am always hesitant to throw out English books, and I buy more than I should, for lack of people with the same tastes I can borrow from or lend to.

The location is Augustenstr. 104, 80798 Munich (at intersection with Schellingstra├če, home of two Words’Worth bookshops). Hours are Monday to Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The bookshop is being opened by John and Lisa Browner, who say:

We offer the largest selection of secondhand English-language books in Germany at 30 – 70% off current list prices … browse through our website, which serves as an introduction to our store.

(Thanks to Mandy von Sivers)

One thought on “Second-hand English bookshop in Munich

  1. Would like to know if these bookstores accept old novels-have quite a collction of old fiction and am not keen on throwing them away,

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