E-Julie ends it all

The Language Legend is now only a legend (at least for a while). Julie Blake started her weblog for teaching purposes and reported on it at a conference last week.

She wrote about using blogs for teaching in the English Teaching Online newsletter:

bq. Like all A Level teachers, I wanted my students to read more widely around the subject – to improve their subject knowledge, to inspire them beyond the confines of the classroom, and to better inform their A2 research project choices. Books didn’t do it for them, but I knew that reading stuff on websites came so naturally that it almost didn’t count as homework. Thus was The Language Legend born, a blog which follows stories in the news that are connected to A Level English Language topics. Twice a week a post outlines the story and gives a link to the relevant source article. Simple, but it works, and with a mini discussion forum and a bit where I make linkylove to my faves, I like to think it’s evolving into something useful for both teachers and students. But more than anything, I can tell you this: maintaining it has been the best bit of professional development ever, because with an audience eagerly awaiting the next post, I have to read around the subject too!

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