Wright Hassall / Lustige Kanzleinamen

RollOnFriday recently had a competition for the best-named law firm. This was not about fictitious firm names, like Private Eye’s Sue Grabbit & Runne or the Marx Brothers’ Dewey Cheatem & Howe, but existing names (although ‘Wright Hassle’ – actually Wright Hassall – had already been named by the organizers and was therefore excluded, as was Godloves Solicitors (note their businesswomen’s breakfast club)).

The winner was a Chinese firm called Deep & Far, with no Messrs. Deep or Far in sight.

Founding partner Mr. C. F. Tsai explains the reasoning behind the name: “because I want my firm to be deeply rooted in Taiwan first and then far all over the world.” And we love the profiles – “Ya Ping Chou: An ordinary, simple family is what she belongs to… For the sakes of health and beauty, she is fond of cooking for herself and makes exercise a habit.”

Second place goes to Boss & Young of Shanghai (apparently “he left his job as associate to start the Chinese firm with a partner to be his own BOSS when he was very YOUNG”).

Are there German equivalents? I can only think of long names like KSB Intax Knoke Sallawitz v. Bismarck Brauer v. Bock Wendenburg (although the KSB Intax part looks like an abbreviation).

Answers.com has a somewhat eclectic list of law firms, and if you scroll down there is a list of fictional law firms (including, from The Simpsons, Luvem and Burnem Family Law).

And here’s Jeremy Blachman, looking for law firm names that sound convincing that he can borrow for a novel. Some commenters offer their own names, for instance Chris Z M Csefalvay IV, who, if he really exists, has a German Abitur.

Wordlab, of course, has been here before, linking to an article at law.com on naming law firms.

2 thoughts on “Wright Hassall / Lustige Kanzleinamen

  1. I was once employed by the firm of Boatright, Ripp & Sharpe. The brothers Boatright are both advanced in age, so sometime in the very near future, this will become the firm of Ripp & Sharpe.

  2. That’s nice – the spelling really makes it. Boatright, Ripp & Sharpe of Wheat Ridge, Colorado. I see Gerald Boatright was admitted in 1952.

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