Getting rid of the interpreter / Dolmetscherbedrohung in Südafrika

The Herald Online reports:

bq. TWO Nigerian men, one of them a convicted drug dealer, are facing bribery charges after they offered Port Elizabeth’s only Igbo court interpreter R100 000 to resign from his job.

I suppose the tactics would be better if Igbo were a dying language.

Via Erik Dams, once again.

This isn’t the first time Leonard Domike has been in the papers:

bq. The only official Nigerian court interpreter for Port Elizabeth’s courts has been dealt a blow after the Justice Department’s regional office in East London withheld his January and February salaries, demanding that his foreign language qualification first be verified by the Qualification Board in Pretoria.

Just a minute – the defendants want to pay him and not use him, and the Justice Department wants to use him and not pay him – there must be a solution there somewhere.

Thanks to Trevor for reading on and giving me the story about the base guitarist:

bq. The band has been making headlines after its base guitarist, Wynand Myburgh, wrote “F**k God” on a teenager’s wallet in Witbank last month.


2 thoughts on “Getting rid of the interpreter / Dolmetscherbedrohung in Südafrika

  1. What a twist on the “normal” misuse of interpreters in courts! (Of course, my own regular plug for phone interpretation is still pertinent. You can’t pay off all the phone interpreters in the world…)

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