Lamspringe: an English abbey in Germany


Lamspringe: an English Abbey in Germany 1643-1803.
Edited by A. Cramer OSB, Saint Laurence Papers VII, Ampleforth 2004.
£24, direct from the Archivist, Ampleforth Abbey, York YO62 4EN: post free for sterling cheque with order. If you prefer to pay in Euros or US Dollars, please contact us by email.

I am not sure if this book is valuable to translators. It’s probably most interesting as part of the history of emigrés.

bq. The book is a solid work of scholarship, showing the learning traditional among the Benedictines, but not always able to surface.

I think I would have omitted that comma. The site of the village of Lamspringe mysteriously dates the Thirty Years’ War from 1618 to 1948, which gives a whole new meaning to Second World War.

bq. Der Dreißigjährige Krieg (1618-1948)
In den Wirren des 30jährigen Krieges hatten die Lamspringer viele Schrecknisse zu überstehen. Große Belastungen brachten häufige Einquartierungen. Nach der Schlacht bei Lutter am Barenberge 1626 besetzten versprengte Söldnergruppen den Ort, plünderten und brannten die Häuser nieder. Aus Furcht vor weiteren Überfällen versteckten sich die Ortsbewohner mit ihrer geringen Habe im Wald.

At all events, 21 monks and 12 boys and a monastery and school were ‘translated’ from Lamspringe to Ampleforth in 1803. (That site mentions coming from France in 1802, but no doubt this is lost in the mists of time). Before then, only English boys attended the Benedictine school in Germany.

Thanks to Ekkehard, who gave me this many years ago.

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