British citizenship test/Britischer Einbürgerungstest

Here is information on the test for some people wanting to become British citizens. Information from Ekkehard in the comments to the last entry on this topic. Apparently it’s a 45-minute test done on the computer, answering 24 questions.

3 thoughts on “British citizenship test/Britischer Einbürgerungstest

  1. Armin: thanks for the links. I have no doubt it’s been out for some time, and I hope I didn’t create the impression it had! I am just adding it for comparison with the German.

    It’s very much based on what the book says, which has advantages and disadvantages. I couldn’t do number 1 and wonder whether people should be expected to remember that. I knew it wasn’t B, though.

    Life in the UK says to be British means you should…”Respect laws, the elected political structures, traditional values of mutual tolerance and respect for rights and mutual concern.””Share in the history and culture of an island nation with a character moulded by many different peoples over more than two thousand years.””be part of a modern European democracy, one with a tradition of sharing our ways with the world – and allowing the world to bring its ways to us.”

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