Jail for lack of an interpreter/Untersuchungshaft wegen fehlendem Dolmetscher

Der Sydney Morning Herald berichtet, dass ein Flüchtling aus Tansania in U-Haft bleiben musste, da bei drei Gerichtsterminen kein Dolmetscher für Swahili gefunden wurde:

bq. A TANZANIAN refugee spent eight days in Silverwater jail last month, failing to win bail at three successive court hearings because he could not speak English and no Swahili interpreter was provided.
The director of the criminal law division of the NSW Legal Aid Commission, Brian Sandland, said Pius Bazigiye’s case was “a stark example of how a lack of interpreter services can impact on a person’s liberty”.
Luke Geary, a solicitor who assisted the man, said Mr Bazigiye had been charged with domestic violence and should have been bailed immediately after being charged. “Because he doesn’t speak English this man has been subjected to an unexplained eight-day period of detention for a summary offence that carries a presumption in favour of bail,” Mr Geary said.

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