Communicating with the postman/Den Briefträger informieren

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That’s telling him.


in handwriting


or in print


or even more elegantly.


Opernzeitungen? Why don’t I get those?

11 thoughts on “Communicating with the postman/Den Briefträger informieren

  1. The Dutches are all issued with special postboxstickers to declare Ja or Nee to freebladets and snailspam – one box on the left and one on the right (although I forget which way round it comes). I’ve never seen a “Ja, Ja” one.

    Now that Blighty’s cheery posties mostly deliver snailspam (pure flyers, with no address), it would be good if we had these too, although it would take government action to deprive them (which it would) of a juicy revenue stream.

  2. You can certainly buy those things in Germany – they actually *issue* them in the Netherlands?
    Some company – probably Telekom itself – has taken to giving us a ‘special treat’ on Saturdays – a thick bundle of advertising all sealed in plastic. Fortunately last week the postman couldn’t be bothered to put them in the boxes but just put a pile of them on the stairs.

  3. Well, unfortunately neither of these would work with our postman… in fact, it’s the local youth that delivers the free brochures and advertisments here, and apparently, they don’t seem to bother we don’t want any of these.

  4. Ah yes… one needs at least a degree in the arts to be a postie in good old Germany….

    Those “Reklame Nein Danke” stickers seem to elicite people posting twice the amount of spam through my letterbox – I’ve take it off and very rarely get the stuff these days…


  5. It is odd that *no-one* would want advertising. I always accept it. The majority is useless, but I want leaflets from people who deliver food, or the IKEA catalogue. I do put a label on when I am away.

  6. You are right Margaret. I do want a lot of the spam, but some I most certainly do not. I get about 8 leaflets telling me to “repent and pray” per week, big bulky brochures about the Ehningen wrestling team and endless free vouchers for the “OkiDoki” Turkish kebab takeaway down the road. I guess I should make a big list of acceptable spam and smother my letter box with it. Then again, I guess it wouldn’t do much good. I doubt if most of the young kids who deliver this stuff would bother to read it. They just want to empty their wheelie bins as soon as possible. Some of them either post 4 papers at a time or throw them on the pavement.


  7. Here in Frankfurt, I have also seen mailboxes sporting a green “Werbung, ja bitte!” sticker. I also want to receive free local newspapers, pizza service flyers and the like… since I ahve recently moved into a new part of Frankfurt and have only been living in Frankfurt at all since last August, I need to be informed at the expense of having to empty the paper bin twice a week (I live on the ground floor, so that’s not that much of a hassle)

  8. You can get an official ‘Reklamer, Nej Tak!’ sticker in Denmark, too – from the post office, if I remember correctly, and it works pretty well. I had to make my own sign to stop local newspapers being delivered, though, and in my experience some of them still got through. Based on my past conversations with the people I’ve caught shoving them through my letter box, it seems that they often don’t bother to read or even register the existence of any other signs than the official ‘No adverts’ sign.

  9. Oops – I need to correct myself! The official stickers in Denmark say ‘Ingen reklamer, tak!’ (‘No advertising, thanks’), and not what I wrote. (And perhaps that ‘tak’ would be better rendered here as ‘please’, but that’s a different matter.)

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