How much do you know about the Queen?

Guardian quiz

How much do you know about the Queen?

You scored 8 out of a possible 10
Congratulations, you are to receive a knighthood with absolutely no obligation to loan the Labour party a penny.

(I got numbers 5 and 6 wrong. Shameful!)

5 thoughts on “How much do you know about the Queen?

  1. I got:
    You scored 4 out of a possible 10
    Off with your head! Your hopeless lack of knowledge is bordering on dangerous subversion. Go straight to the Tower.

    Which leaves me wondering about the order of events (How should I find the tower without my head?) Although that is just the latest in a whole series of logical mysteries about royalty.

  2. My results: 1 out of 10. :-(

    I guessed right about the Queen not liking cellphones at the dinner table. Otherwise, it seems that I don’t have a clue (about such things). ;-)

  3. The reason I got so many right was because I taught background studies for many years, and so I knew what a dorgie is and what she likes to hear in the morning, since I used to include trivia.
    I get notified of these comments by email and am wondering why Eudora gave me two hot peppers to indicate Victor’s might be unacceptable (I have never bothered to turn off that function). Maybe ‘Off with your head!’?

  4. Perhaps Eudora found my inclusion of the words “royalty” and “subversion” too hot to handle.
    And perhaps they thought I was losing my head and planning a suicide attack on the Tower.
    (How many peppers is that little lot worth?)

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