Cat scratch death/Durch Katze totgekratzt

The Wiltshire coroner comments:

bq. A man died days after he was scratched by his family’s playful pet cat, an inquest has heard….Recording a verdict of natural causes, Wiltshire Coroner David Masters said laying full blame on the cat would be unduly harsh.

This was pointed out to me as typically British, by a reader who recently passed the test for would-be British citizens in nine minutes (I think it took me longer to become a British citizen, but it’s too late to ask my mother).

bq. Speaking after the hearing, a friend of the Maas family said: “The family cat is still going strong and the family do not hold any grudges. It’s just one of those things.”

However, it isn’t a new story. Driffield Today reports:

bq. 100 years ago
March 24, 1906
CAT SCRATCH DEATH – An inquest was held on Saturday as to the death of Miss Mary Anne Marris. From the evidence it appeared that deceased was scratched on the leg about a month ago by one of her cats. She did nothing to the wound, and told no one about it till the Friday previous to her death. Deceased, being a strong anti vivisectionist, and having a horror of doctors, refused to have medical attendance. A friend washed and dressed the wound. It, however, gradually got worse, and on Wednesday morning her solicitor insisted on calling in a medical man. The leg, which was then absolutely dangerous was properly dressed, but deceased succumbed on Wednesday evening.

I note that anti-vivisectionism has taken quite other routes in Britain recently, such as grave robbing.

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