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bq. 10 Jahre lang hat sich der Translators’ Companion als Informationsquelle zur literarischen Übersetzung in Europa bewährt. Für die Internet-Version wurde er komplett aktualisiert und ergänzt.

bq. Wer Literatur übersetzt oder übersetzen lässt, findet im Translators’ Companion umfassende Informationen. Die Datenbank enthält detaillierte Angaben über nationale und internationale Interessenverbände, über die europäischen Übersetzerzentren sowie einige andere Häuser, in denen Übersetzende in Ruhe an einem Projekt arbeiten können, über Aus- und Weiterbildungsangebote für LiteraturübersetzerInnen und schließlich über die verschiedenen Förderungsformen für literarische Übersetzungen und ÜbersetzerInnen in Europa bzw. darüber hinaus.


bq. Over the past ten years the Translators’ Companion has proven itself as a source of information on literary translation in Europe. It has been completely updated and supplemented for the Internet version.

bq. Anyone who translates literature, or has it translated, will find comprehensive information in the Translators’ Companion. The database comprises details on national and international associations, European translators’ centres, including several other institutions where translators can work in peace on a project, as well as training and further education offered for literary translators, and the various forms of support available for literary translators in Europe and beyond.

(Via is a blog – at least one translator’s weblog where there’s always something going on (in German))

6 thoughts on “Translators’ Companion: Website English / Deutsch für Literaturübersetzer

  1. At least one? I would rather think that there are too many where things are going on, I succeed in reading only a small number of them :o)
    Liebe Gr

  2. You’re thinking of the Italian ones, aren’t you?! It did pass through my mind that even yours and Isabella’s greatly increase the number of active ones. But what about Carob, Legalesed, courtinterpreter.NET? But you’re right, there’s probably enough to read as it is.

  3. Oh, Margaret, you’re right, actually I was forgetting about my isolated position: I can read both English and German blogs (I could also read French blogs if I were less lazy :-( ), but it’s you, the German and/or English speakers who are less likely to read Italian (in general, at least) :-/

  4. Not really, tischlbong is too hard for me! At any rate, I think I lost something in what you said, but at the very beginning I was thinking about (very active) blogs in general, not really about Italian ones (which, yes, of course, I read most, again out of laziness)

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